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Become a Change Maker

Every year we are fortunate to receive financial support from people like you. Our Change Makers are established funders, community groups, business and individuals who believe in our mission and become champion for our cause.  Here's why you should become a Change Maker in 1 - 2 - 3.



We distribute over 1000 flyers annually during our food drive to homes across Scarborough North.  Get your business on our printed platform and save money on postage.



Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation has rebranded and we work with you to ensure that you are part of our journey.



It's not just our flyers, but we are exposed to hundreds of networks across Scarborough and beyond in the physical and digital space.  

Happiness lies in rendering help to others, more blessed to give than to receive

Ben Zhou, Mortgage Specialist and Long time Change Maker

By supporting Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation, I feel the enthusiasm of the volunteers' hands collecting food for families in need of basic supplies, happy to see donations from other organizations to support food drives.

Sai Foo Lau, Mortgage Specialist and Long time Change Maker

The community of Rosewood has long supported initiatives that provide basic needs, like food, for those who don't have enough, in the hope that it gets those people and families through their darkest days and into a brighter future.

Alura Moores, President, Scarborough Rosewood  Community Association and Long time Change Maker

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