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Volunteer Opportunities

Our 2023 Spring Food Drive ended on June 26th.   We want to sincerely thank our amazing volunteers who supported the annual Spring Food Drive.  It was such a success.  We will see you in the Fall. 

Volunteer Hours sign off 

If you are requesting sign off of hours for school, please note that we have experienced a higher than normal volume of volunteers, and we are working diligently to provide sign offs.   You will receive a letter in pdf to your email address provided to us.  If you have not received your letter, please contact Rita at

Thank you for your patience.    

Current Opportunities 

Our next initiative is the Food Donation boxes. Individuals or families may contact RSFDF at 647-385-1256 to request a box to keep in their homes or places of business over the holiday season, beginning in late November. The holiday-themed wrapped boxes are delivered to your requested address by an RSFDF volunteer driver. You may keep the box as long as you wish. When your food drive is over, please contact RSFDF at 647-385-1256 to arrange for a pickup. The donations will be collected, processed, and donated to community organizations and food banks across Scarborough. 

Interested in getting involved in future opportunities?

Our next food drive will take place in the fall of 2023. 

Subscribe to our newsletter for future seasonal volunteer opportunities.  We have a very strong volunteer program and we would love for you and your friends to consider us when volunteering. Many of the volunteers who have volunteered before return because: 

  1. our mission aligns with their goals in making an impact to communities

  2. our supervisor team is talented and knowledgeable making the experience worthwhile

  3. our youth leadership program promotes opportunities for personal growth and leadership development 

  4. our activities engage volunteers to meet new people and make new friends while volunteering

You may also check out our qualified donees to see if they have volunteer opportunities available.

For more information, visit our Qualified Donee Listings

Are you a leader? 

Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation is grateful for the support of our volunteers.  All of our members contribute their time and talent in shaping our organization. 

If you embody our mission and align with our core values, consider being a member of the Board of Directors.  Board of Directors provides the strategic foresight and leadership in advancing the pillars of our work.  If you want to learn more, please contact founder and chair, Courtney Fisher at

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