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Just Eat Your Greens!

By Jin Huang Guan

Contributing Author

Imagine your mother cutting off the crust of your peanut butter and mustard sandwich because she knows you dislike the dry and brittle texture. That must be very touching, right? Now, picture kids in undeveloped countries starving and eating whatever they can find, who are grateful for even a crumb.

Although some foods may seem unappetizing, they are highly nutritious, and you might like them if you try different combinations. As my health teacher once said, “It’s not that the food is unappealing, it’s that you prepared it in an unsuitable way.” In this blog, you will find the main causes of food waste, the effects of wasting food, and what you should do instead of throwing leftovers in the rubbish.

14% of food is lost at the production and retail stage. 870 million people don’t have enough to eat. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that if even one fourth of the lost or wasted food is salvaged, world hunger can be completely eliminated. That’s why you should try harder to save the food in your refrigerator.

63% of the food wasted can be composted or eaten at some point. Mostly vegetables (30%) and fruits (15%) are wasted. There are inedible parts like eggshells or orange peels, but they can be composted, and they make excellent fertilizer. If you have a garden, creating a compost bin is a great idea. Check out my other blog post if you wish to grow edible plants with many benefits.

Many families have been stocking up on food due to the coronavirus. It may be an efficient way to avoid leaving your home often for groceries, but in the end, it will spoil, and you’ll have to dispose of it. If you end up buying too much food to finish, make sure to store it properly. Food may spoil earlier than the expiration date shows if you store food in an unsuitable place. Don’t leave your leftovers for too long, or else they will become bland and unappetizing, so make sure to finish your leftovers as soon as possible.

If you still have too much food, you can donate it to the Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation or other food charities. Not only will many families be better nourished, but you will also feel that you have contributed to the greater good. But if the food is already spoiled, make sure you throw it in the green bin, where it will be collected and composted. Canadians waste 2.2 million tonnes of edible food each year, costing about 1.7 billion more. 2.2 billion tonnes of wasted food is equal to 9.8 million tonnes of co2.

When you toss it in the wrong bin, it ends up in a landfill, where it will decompose and emit greenhouse gases, which will destroy our planet.

Some foods may still be saved after they have spoiled. Many vegetables like celery or carrots will be reinvigorated when soaked in cold water. You can also try to pickle vegetables to preserve them. Here is a website that can teach you many ways to save food by using them in delicious recipes: Love Food Hate Waste Canada.

So don’t be picky, just eat your fruits and vegetables; it’s not that much to ask for.


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Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in the blog posts are those of the contributing author. Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation makes every effort to provide space for young people to advocate and voice their thoughts, research, opinions and ideas that are inspired by our mission but may not reflect on the organization's services and operations.

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