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Courtney Fisher (he/him)

Chair and General Manager

Hello, my name is Courtney and I’m the Chair and General Manager of Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation. I arrived in Toronto from Jamaica via the United States in February of 1982. Shortly after arriving I registered as a student at Atkinson College at York University where I completed a degree in political science. Later I went on to complete a degree in education at the University of Windsor. Since graduating from Windsor, I was employed as a teacher with North York Board of Education and later the amalgamated Toronto District School Board.

I have always been active in the community. My involvement with West Indies United Sports Club Inc. spans a period of thirty years. Throughout that time I functioned in the capacities of player (soccer), coach, executive secretary, and served two terms as the organization’s president. I have supported youth in the community through his involvement with The Tutor Group, The Center for Achievement and his own tutorial service. I have spent a brief time working with the Black Action Defence Committee (BAD-C) during the organization’s early years.

Finally, my cultural fascinations include enjoying the melodic sounds and prophetic lyrics of reggae. I also enjoy operas and, with my wife Sandra and son, Sean, frequently attend musicals and other theatrical performances at the various theatres in and around Toronto. My favourite reggae groups/performers are Culture, Bob Marley and the Wailers and Burning Spear. I love both Beijing and western operas, and I hold a particular fondness for Dan characters (female characters) in the Beijing opera. My favourite western opera is Love from Afar and favourite musicals are Jesus Christ Superstar and Oliver.

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