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Rita Assaad (she/her)

Secretary and Assistant General Manager

Hello, I’m Rita Assaad. I serve as the Secretary and Assistant General Manager of RSFDF. My involvement with RSFDF was encouraged by Courtney, who I have known for many years as a friend and former colleague. It also stems from a passion for wanting to eliminate hunger and poverty and being a part of an incredible team.

I have volunteered with ACSA Food Bank in the past and now volunteer at Community Share Food Bank (CSFB) which serves an average of 70 clients on Tuesdays and over 100 clients on Saturdays. Based on my experience with both ACSA and CSFB, the need and the demand for food banks is consistently high.

I look forward to serving with RSFDF in spreading the message of its mission to communities everywhere and making a difference in families’ lives.

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